Why We Love Memes

Assuming you’ve spent more than 5 minutes on any social media app, you’re sure to be aware of the latest sources of daily entertainment – Memes. Memes have spread rampantly through the medium of social media sites. They are so pervasive that getting through the day without seeing one is almost unimaginable. From “Cheems” to “Grumpy Cat” – even the stupidest memes make us cackle. So why does a universal resonance exist for memes, and why can’t we resist tapping the like button on them?

The source of a meme’s power may be the emotions attached to it. Memes produce high- arousal emotions (positive or negative) causing people to share them at a greater frequency. Research suggests that people are more likely to share videos when they elicit a strong emotional reaction – ranging from being angering, disgusting, or extremely funny. It can also depend on how close you are with the person which increases the chances of you spreading it.

When you encounter a meme and relate to it, you experience a sense of ‘identification’ which makes you feel less alone. Especially when the memes contain inside jokes – being a part of it is a confirmation of social belongingness. Your understanding of shared jokes makes you part of a certain community and ties you together with others who understand it. Once you get the joke, there is an in-crowd appeal to memes – boosting your confidence in your ‘cool’ factor.

Finally, memes let us ease the tension. They often address topics that are difficult to discuss. Major societal changes, political disagreements, social pressures, and even a lack of mental health support can be confronted in a way that makes a point while still bringing out a chuckle. Funny mental health and therapy memes shared on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook make us smile as we learn about mental health issues. We may never have previously noticed that we were experiencing them. They depict serious mental disorders that in reality, are not humorous topics – from jokes about mental breakdowns, to ADHD memes, anxiety, and OCD memes. In recent years, they have become viral and creators say they began crafting the images to cope with their own symptoms.

Relatable mental health memes can provide us with temporary comfort, but it eventually leaves the body. On the other hand, mental health issues stay. Perhaps these memes have you contemplating checking in on your mental health with a therapist. If you feel that you’re struggling with such issues, contact our team of expert mental health professionals who can assist you through these challenges.

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