Terms & Conditions

  • Faculty Minds – Psychological Counseling Experts, is a counselling and mental health clinic. We provide online and in-person counselling. We focus on providing mental health services for personal, professional, family, and social conflicts. The issues may be related to any challenge an individual may be facing. The brand Faculty Minds is owned by Rational Sapien Pvt Ltd.
  •  Faculty Minds has problem-centric programs, designed around the needs of an individual. These are customized according to the specific problems or hurdles people face.
  • The platform works in an In-Person and online format. Our team of psychologists provides counseling and therapy to those who have registered for the programs. These programs are displayed on our website.
  •  If you are considering or contemplating suicide or feel that you are a danger to yourself or to others, you must notify the appropriate personnel or visit the nearest hospital or emergency room. The same applies in case of a medical or psychological health emergency. Faculty Minds does not deal with emergencies – medical, psychological or otherwise
  •  The client can register for a program and initiate the payment. Once payment is received, we will assign a psychologist who best suits the problem faced by the client. When assigning a psychologist to the client, we consider various factors like – age, gender, problem area of the client, severity, and intensity of the problem, and suitability of the therapist for that specific problem.
  • Faculty Minds holds the final authority to assign a psychologist to the registered client. The client will not have any authority, choice, or say in choosing the psychologist.
  • The program fees need to be made online through our registered online payment gateway. The client can also use other online payment methods for their comfort. Acceptable payment methods- GPay, Paytm, UPI, Online Transfer.
  • The programs are time-bound. They need to be completed in the stipulated time only to get the desired results. Further, therapy will not be provided after the completion of the time frame.
  • In light of special circumstances, where therapy is not completed within the stipulated period Only Faculty Minds Directors hold the final authority on the dispute.
  • Our team of psychologists, staff, and associates maintain high standards of confidentiality.
  • Information provided by clients will be confidential and kept between the psychologist and client.
  • Your personal information like name, socioeconomic background, personal identification, and problems will not be shared, discussed, or displayed with anyone.
  • In special conditions, your psychologist may discuss your challenges with a senior from the team to provide you with the best quality expertise and solutions. During this, the psychologist doesn’t display or discuss your identification marks to protect your privacy and identity. None of the identifiable traits will be disclosed.
  • We follow global standards of confidentiality and ethical guidelines. The notes or any written information is kept with the team and will not be used or disclosed in any way.
  • Your contact details are also kept confidential.
  • The client needs to make full payment in advance before starting the sessions. Part payment is not accepted. The program will initiate only after full payment is received.
  • All payments need to be made to Rational Sapien Pvt Ltd.
  • Cash payments will not be accepted.
  • The client will receive a confirmation mail from us on their registered email ID only.
Refund Policy
  • Payment once done is Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable in any condition.
  • The client has a specific deadline to finish each program. The time validity starts from the initiation of the first session. The client needs to avail a minimum of one session each week. The number of sessions each week may increase depending on the severity of the problem. This will be mutually decided between the client and the psychologist.
  • In very special and unforeseen circumstances the client can request to extend the deadline of the program by a few days. This is to help our clients avail the maximum benefits and not face a loss. Faculty Minds will have final authority over this.
  • The sessions have a strict expiry time. The client needs to avail of the sessions in the stipulated timeline only. We can consider some requests in case of any unforeseen or uncertain reason and situation. Faculty Minds hold the final authority to decide on the matter. Once the sessions have expired the client cannot ask for a refund for the sessions not availed. These sessions will be considered as availed and finished.
Cancellation Policy
  • Appointments for sessions need to be scheduled with the team. Our team will connect with you to schedule the sessions. You can choose a suitable time. The working hours are between 9 am to 8 pm. The session needs to be availed only during these hours. Any requests for sessions beyond 8 pm will not be accepted.
  • Once the session is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email or message on your phone.
  • Cancellation of sessions can be done with a prior notice of 48 hours. This cancellation needs to be done through a message or call.
  • Any cancellations done without a notice of 48 hours will be counted as availed.
  • A full fee for the session will be considered in case of absence, late arrivals or inability to avail due to any reason on the client’s part.
  • The Faculty Minds team has the right to reschedule an appointment in case of emergencies or special circumstances.
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