How to Find the Right Couples Therapist for Counselling

Have you and your partner been dealing with relationship issues? Well, it’s not uncommon. 

Many couples engage in the same unhealthy behavioural patterns over and over again. Although relief is found in temporary compromises, couples go right back to fighting, ultimately feeling exhausted and defeated.

If these fights have erected an impenetrable barrier between you and your partner, it’s time to see a couples therapist. 

Resistant to the idea? You’re not alone. It’s not easy spilling your relationship problems in front of strangers. It’s also a time and financial obligation. 
Plus, it can be daunting to find a psychologist in India who is a good fit for both partners. We at Faculty Minds understand this, and we’ve created this guide to help you choose the right counsellor for a healthy reconciliation journey.

Tips to Find the Right Couple Therapist

Here are some handy tips to help you choose the right couples counsellor who is the best fit for you and your partner.

Tip 1: Decide What You Need

Before you even start searching for a couples therapist, it’s best to introspect and discuss with your partner what your end goal is. Do you wish to rekindle your relationship? Work on communication issues? Better understand your partner. 

Knowing the main focus of your therapy will give direction to your research and help you find a therapist who has a good track record in solving a particular issue.

Tip 2: Search for a Specialized Couples Therapist

When you’re doing your research, ensure that the therapist you choose is a specialized psychologist in India and that they have received the necessary training and supervision. 

Also, understand what techniques they use. Experienced therapists pull interventions from the Gottman Method for couples therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and relational life therapy. Some choose to specialise in a specific model exclusively. There are many approaches, but what you need to look for the most is training and experience.

Tip 3: Ask the Right Questions

Once you shortlist a few potential couples therapists, start asking questions to narrow down your options. It can be done via email exchange, initial phone consultation, and even an in-person session. Don’t feel awkward about it, as you are a consumer and you are buying a service. Some questions that you must ask are: 

  • How will the sessions go down, and how long will the therapy last?
  • How well do you handle secrets?
  • Have you dealt with my type of relationship issues before? If yes, how have the results been?

Tip 4: Start the Therapy and Provide Regular Feedback

After you find the right therapist, go for some trial sessions before you come to a conclusion that a certain couples therapist is right or wrong for you. It’s possible that you may like your therapist but your partner doesn’t. But don’t rule out the therapist only based on that factor. If they remain impartial and don’t take sides, that’s a good therapist.

Ask yourself whether “Do I feel heard and respected?” and “Do you feel confident in the therapist’s ability to help us?”

You can also offer feedback to your therapist. It’s actually recommended that you do it because therapists are not perfect and all-knowing. Even they take time to know you.

Choose Faculty Minds as Your Couples Therapist of Choice

Finding a qualified psychologist in India is difficult in its own right. Searching for one amidst relationship problems can get very overwhelming very fast. 

We at Faculty Minds are here to ease that burden. Our couples therapists are experienced and expert enough to help you effectively work on your relationship issues, whatever they may be, and come out more understanding, compassionate, and compatible towards each other than before. 
Contact us today to learn more about what we bring to the table with our specialised couple counselling in Mumbai.

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