5 Signs that Your Child Needs Teen Counselling

Be it material or emotional needs, parents always want the best for their children. And today, given the nature of developmental circumstances and relationships, it also means taking care of their mental health. 

Because teenage is characterised by rapid change and the shaking up of stability, your children can run into many emotional and mental hurdles, which is completely normal, until it isn’t.

It’s difficult to distinguish what problem is natural and what requires the intervention of teen counselling.

However, there are certain signs and symptoms you can look for to know for sure if your child needs a professional home. Here are some of the prominent ones.

Signs Your Child Needs Teen Counselling

1. Social Isolation

Oftentimes, when children feel anxious or sad, they tend to turn inwards and withdraw from social situations. 

If this becomes a regular behaviour, it no longer remains just a bad day or a rough patch and it can start affecting their interpersonal relationships negatively. 

This becomes all the more pressing if your child isn’t normally shy and introverted. If you’re not sure what social isolation looks like, here are some cues:

  • A lack of desire to leave the house 
  • Eating lunch alone
  • Avoiding playdates and social activities

If your child exhibits any of the behavioural traits listed above, it’s best to consider teenager counselling in Mumbai to help your child cope with the stress of being a teenager healthily.

2. Defiant Behavior

Behaviour problems, both inside and outside the home, are one of the most common signs that your child needs teen counselling

Even the smallest conversation or request can incite an argument, complaint, or defensive stance from your child. You must pay attention to these responses, and if they occur more frequently, treat them as a cry for help from their side. 

However, your child isn’t always in your sights. To keep in touch with their behaviour in school, stay connected with the teachers and other parents whose kids interact with your kid daily. 
If the behaviour is getting increasingly aggressive and uncontrollable, there are many psychology counsellors in Mumbai who can help you devise and implement strategies to address the symptoms and underlying causes.

3. Talking about Self-Harm

Most urgently, if your child expresses ideas and feelings related to self-harm, it’s best to seek teen counselling. 

These thoughts can manifest in several ways, ranging from hopelessness and loneliness to outright suicidal thoughts and cutting. 

Although the latter is rarely seen in teens and children, the symptoms can present themselves subtly in many ways, including banging one’s head, digging nails into the skin, and hitting oneself.

If you’re noticing these self-harm behaviours, get help for your child immediately. We at Faculty Minds employ the best psychology counsellor in Mumbai who can help your child live a fulfilling teenage life without any negative mental factors holding you down. 

4. Poor Spending Habits

While your teenager deals with new freedoms, they might also pick up some less-than-desirable money habits, like poor credit use, questionable purchase decisions, overspending and a general lack of financial planning. 

Being a parent, it’s best to instil good financial instincts into their habits, which will eventually make a positive difference in their lives. 

Although this problem doesn’t necessarily need teen counselling, poor spending habits may be a byproduct of larger mental health issues that might need addressing. For instance, many people turn to impulsive shoppers in the face of stress and anxiety, making spending their coping mechanism or distraction. 

5. Romantic Relationships

Falling in love is a major mental and emotional event at any stage of life. But for teens, the associated feelings can be even more difficult to manage. 

Due to a lack of emotional maturity, these relationships often lead to other friends being cut off due to the undue exclusivity teenagers place on these relationships. Some of the relationships can also turn abusive and the intense interactions can have adverse effects. 

Unreciprocated love and breakups can also cause serious problems. The effect is worsened if you’re not on your child’s side during all this. 

You can make this a lot easier on them by laying a foundation of acceptance and friendliness since their childhood and welcoming their relationships with open arms. 

If your child still finds it difficult to cope inside or outside the relationship, teen counselling is the best course of action. 

Wrapping Up

Teenage is undoubtedly a difficult time when a child goes through many emotional, physical, and mental phases. 

Even if you are an ally to your child and provide them with all the freedom and emotional support in this critical period, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can solve their problems and that they’ll be open to you about them in the first place. 

That’s why teen counselling can be so important in these vital developmental years to ensure a sturdy foundation for a quality life ahead. It can provide the required support and reassurance that can make this challenging time easier to manage. 

Faculty Minds employs the most qualified psychology counsellors in Mumbai, who have years of experience in helping distressed and troubled teens deal with their problems and set a stage for a fulfilling life. 

Connect with us to know more. 

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