Shreemant Yadav

Faculty Minds Mental Health Clinic

Founder & Director

Shreemant Yadav is the Founder & Director of Faculty Minds Mental Health Clinic. He is a Ph.D. Research Scholar from Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai, working with Couples and Families. He has done his Post Graduation in Counseling Psychology & Psychotherapy from Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai. To gain a deeper understanding of the human mind and enhance his skills as a therapist he has trained himself in various therapies. He has a Post Graduate Diploma specializing in Adult, Couple & Family Therapy from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. He is trained and experienced in applying Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy from The Albert Ellis Institute Affiliated, In Vivo Mumbai Centre for RECBT. He is skilled and trained under the expert guidance of Mr. Michael Tompkins, Ph.D., in Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Spectrums from Beck Institute for CBT, Pennsylvania.

Shreemant strives to adopt an eclectic approach to psychotherapy considering the client’s phenomenological view. His training and degrees are complemented by his keen observations and knack to understand people beyond their words. He has to his credit more than 10,000 hours of professional practice. The work with his clients is intense and transformative. He has acquired great understanding of the mechanisms of the society, interactional dynamics between people and intrapsychic activities going on in a person’s life. This gives him an understanding into the most muddled of cases and issues. The sharpness created through these varied encounters permits him to arrive at the underlying driver of issues rapidly. Thus, assisting his clients with accomplishing their objectives through treatment quicker.

Shreemant has super specialization in Adult, Couple and Family Therapy. He has dominated a comprehension of the secret subtleties in a couple relationship. Shreemant works with individuals in a relationship and furthermore wedded couples. His Premarital Therapy Program is a wide success and sought out program by youthful couples. He centers around the different parts of a couple relationship directing and constructing the establishment for a steadier marriage. He has worked with hitched couples widely at different phases of their wedded life. Assisting them with working through and revive the sentiment and make more functional and enduring bonds.

He chips away at different parts of a couple relationship, these incorporate; their correspondence, mending past grievances, keeping up sound boundaries, altering negative communication styles, changing repetitive conduct patterns, and building sexual similarity and closeness. He has worked widely with families and couples building amicability within the family and at the individual level.

He possesses specialty in working with clients facing Anxiety, Phobias and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. His training in Exposure therapy from Becks Institute, equips him to understand the thought and emotion patterns in a person experiencing severe anxiety. He provides clients with a structured program to meticulously carve these patterns and avert the recurrent functioning. He is well versed in helping clients identify the root cause for anxiety and helps them lead a more liberated life. He integrates the client’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns, also paying close attention to any external triggers and motivators.

In his years of practice, he has helped many individuals and couples to become the best versions of themselves and live a more evolved and fulfilling life. He is also credited with helping most of his clients cease medication and live more independent and fulfilling lives.

In his years of service as a mental health professional he has treated and helped people across all age groups. His forte being couple and family therapy, he has worked extensively with adults, married couples, and families. Further he has an extensive amount of experience with other populations like children, adolescents, parents, employees, teachers, professors, social workers and so forth.

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