How to distinguish between a bad day and a mental health disorder?

How to distinguish between a bad day and a mental health disorder?

Mental health has increasingly become a topic of daily conversations. While there is now widespread acceptance for mental well being, there is still little awareness about what mental health is. Mental health terms have come into colloquial usage but they might be being used lightly. For instance, being particular about organisation is not in itself OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Similarly, feeling low on some days or having a bad day does not equal suffering from a disorder. So how can we distinguish between these two? Let’s find out.

The notable difference between the two is situation-dependent. The low mood, stress, or anxiety being experienced on bad days could be due to the situations being faced. It could make the person feel like they are going through a bad phase, too. However, a mental health disorder may not necessarily have a reason. In fact, most often it is difficult to pinpoint the root of the mental health disorder or a discernible situation.

The other distinction between the two could be made based on the duration of the experience. Bad days or phases are short-lived and often get resolved ultimately. However, a mental health disorder is a longer experience. While there might be some days better or worse than others, mental health disorders are a more longer term experience.

Lastly, an important difference is how much it affects you. While bad days may cause significant distress, it is unlikely to chronically affect other aspects of your life. However, a mental health disorder shall most definitely affect aspects of your life and functioning like personal, professional, social, or others.

Irrespective, disorder or not, if you think you are experiencing some distress in your life, approaching therapy is a good choice. Therapy can help you identify a mental health disorder from a bad phase, and guide you through it. Faculty Minds has a team of esteemed clinical and counselling psychologists that are here to assist you in your journey of wellbeing.

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