Career Guidance & Aptitude Testing

Faculty Minds provides career guidance and counselling to school and college students. Career guidance consists of services that help people successfully manage their career development. Career guidance often involves assisting students and adults who are trying to choose a career. Our clients benefit from the assistance provided in navigating through this process of human development.
We as Career development professionals, administer assessment instruments or teach clients how to use self-administered MentalPresstools, to help them learn about their General Mental Ability, Aptitude, Interests, Values, Skills and Personality type. We educate individuals about how to explore occupations that are most suitable based on that information and then ultimately teach them how to decide which one is best suitable for them.
Career guidance, as a specialized expert activity, helps individuals understand their own goals and aspirations, their own identity, helps them make informed decisions, commit to activities, and manage career planning and growth.

The process of Career Guidance and Testing  :

  1. An Intake Interview to discuss the client’s past experience, likings and interest in different fields.
    Psychological Testing – A comprehensive 360″ degree evaluation of the students abilities.
  2. Standardized tests administered to test their IQ, Aptitude, Interest, Learning Style & Personality.
  3. Individual Test reports prepared and presented to the students. A comprehensive report, consisting details of their different abilities.
  4. Individual Career Guidance Session conducted with each student and parents. A brief Discussion on the results of the test findings. Preparing a road map for career by finding a more suitable field for further education for the student



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