Our Team

Ruchika Bothra

Senior Psychologist

Ruchika is the Senior Psychologist at Faculty Minds. She has completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology from Mumbai University. As a student of applied psychology, she believes in enhancing and developing her skills to help her clients better.


She has worked extensively with school age children and performed innumerable counselling sessions with individuals and groups. After gaining a great insight in Child and Adolescent psychology, she decided to make it her forte. For being a true professional practitioner, she has trained herself in Play and Art Therapy, Metaphor Therapy, Supportive Therapy etc., she further developed her skills to help children with Emotional Disturbance, Depression, Anxiety and Stress, ADHD, Slow Learners, Learning Disability and Socially Disadvantaged.A true practitioner of psychology, Ruchika has developed a knack for psychometric evaluations and assessments. She has developed proficiency in career guidance and testing. Her goal is to provide holistic counselling to the child, to help them in overall growth. Hence, she adopts an eclectic approach while working with children. A dedicated and sincere belief to help her young and brilliant clients motivates her to work harder and better.


In addition to her formal training, she is skilled in planning and implementing the therapy program for children diagnosed with ADHD, sensory processing problems, deficient in concentration and memory. Her long term therapy for children and teens in Attention & Concentration Techniques has been immensely popular among our clients.

Ruchika has a great understanding of problems faced by Girls & Women of our society. She developed her adult counselling & psychotherapy expertise to especially help women in need. To enhance her skills, she received training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. She uses an interconnected and interdisciplinary method of psychotherapy for Children, Teens and Adults.


Sakshi Verma
Public Relations Manager

Sakshi Verma is the Public Relations Manager at Faculty Minds. She has done her graduation in Mass Media from Jai Hind College, Mumbai University. She is professionally trained and holds a certificate degree in social media marketing. She harbours an undying aspiration for helping the under priviledged and socially disadvantaged. To realize this dream she has worked under a CSR of Piramal Enterprise under Gandhi Fellowship.


She has shown great initiative in helping people and society at large. Her zeal and motivation to work in the helping industry brought her to faculty minds. She showed great enthusiasm in working with different people from different cultures. As a natural progression to her aspirations she is working with Faculty Minds.

she is associated with Faculty Minds and handles the outreach programs including workshops, marketing and other communication processes.

We have noticed and appreciated Sakshi’s passion about spreading mental health awareness. She therefore uses her skills to connect Faculty Minds to the world and the people who want to seek therapy & professional help.


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