Mr. Shreemant Yadav

Founder & Director of Faculty Minds Mental Health Clinic.

Mr. Shreemant Yadav is the Founder & Director of Faculty Minds Mental Health Clinic. He is a PhD Research Scholar from Department of Applied Psychology, Mumbai University, working with Married Couples and families. He has done his Post Graduation in Counseling Psychology & Psychotherapy from Department of Applied Psychology, Mumbai University.


As a professional Psychotherapist Mr. Shreemant Yadav believes in staying updated and enhancing his skills to benefit his clients. To become a true practitioner of Psychotherapy, he has trained himself in different therapies. He has a Post Graduate Diploma specializing in Adult, Couple & Family Therapy from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. He is also trained and experienced Rational Emotive Behavior Therapist from In Vivo, affiliated to Albert Ellis Institute, New York. He is also trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Psychological testing and assessment.


Mr. Yadav tries to adopt an eclectic approach to psychotherapy taking into account the client’s phenomenological view. He has a genuine concern for his client’s wellbeing and walks the path with them towards improved mental health. He supports and encourages his clients all the way towards achieving their goals. He has great understanding of the mechanisms of the society, interactional dynamics between people and intrapsychic activities going on in a person’s life. This gives him an insight into the most complicated of cases and problems. The acumen developed through these myriad experiences allows him to reach the root cause of problems quickly. Thus helping the clients achieve their goal through therapy faster.


In his years of service as a mental health professional he has treated and helped people across all age groups. His forte being couple and family therapy, he has worked extensively with Adults, Married couples and Families. Further he has an extensive amount of experience with other populations like children, adolescents, parents, employees, teachers, professors, social workers and so forth.



  • Psychotherapist, Couple and family therapist and REBT practitioner.
  • Teaching Assistant at Department of Applied Psychology, Mumbai University. Teaching Therapy, Assessment and counseling to post graduate students.
  • Consulting Psychologist at Don Bosco Institute of Technology.
  • Award winner in Research on Insecurities in Women from Marathi Manashastra conference.
  • Consulting Psychologist at KARE pvt ltd.
  • Visiting Psychologist at Anand Coaching Classes.
  • Career Guidance Programs at Mumbai University, for students of std IX to XII.
  • Workshops on Life Skills at NAB institute for Visually Impaired.
  • Life skills workshops at Vocational Rehabilitation Center for physically handicapped & Hearing and Speech impairment.

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