About Us

Faculty Minds Mental Health Clinic

About Faculty Minds:

Faculty Minds is a venture started by a team of professionals from the field of psychology. We provide professional psychological guidance and services to its clients. We provide a 360′ diagnostic apparatus for our clients and Therapeutic interventions to cure the dysfunctional condition or situation in their lives. Our clients with psychological difficulties are provided with a comprehensive assessment. We believe in providing our clients the utmost psychological comfort while dealing with mental health problems. We try to reduce the physical and mental stress caused during therapy.

Thus we provide a wide range of services at one place, helping them concentrate on their improvement. We provide services which aim for a cure to the mental problems and not just maintenance of it. Our team of mental health professional have a genuine concern for the client’s mental wellness and an enduring belief to improve it.


About Mr. Shreemant Yadav – Founder & Director of Faculty Minds Mental Health Clinic.

Mr. Shreemant Yadav is the Founder & Director of Faculty Minds Mental Health Clinic. He is a PhD Research Scholar from Department of Applied Psychology, Mumbai………Read more

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